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Hacking can be said to be illegal when you use it against the law. This means that hacking is not illegal when you use it for unlawful things like penetration testing. We have compiled a list of the five best movies of hacking you can watch in 2020 on MoviesGuide123

These hacking movies cover both White-Hat and Black-Hat hackers. The White-Hat hackers are regarded as the good guys who hack to solve a problem without going against the law, while the Black-Hat hackers use their expertise to hack peoples’ details, which is wrong and unlawful.

We picked this movie, trusting that it will be of assistance to you if you’re into legit hacking. More so, we expect that after going through these movies, you will have a better idea of how to go about hacking and to stay on the right track to avoid jail. Below is our list:

Who Am I (2014) – IMDb

Who Am I is the number one best hacking movie of all time on our list. More so, there doesn’t seem to be any movie that surpasses this even in 2020. This is because of its excellent storyline and cast. Youtube comments by movie lovers are evidence of how this movie is so much loved and appreciated.

The movie comes with an intriguing plot. A hacker from Berlin called Benjamin Engel came from a tough background and was not social even while in school. He had so much interest in hacking and computers.

His first success in hacking was when I got access to the university’s past questions even though he was caught. While undergoing punishment for such as act, he met new friends that help him advance his having techniques.

Hacker’s Game Redux (2015) – IMDb

This movie has nothing to do with a game, even though there’s game in its title. Hackers Game is worth mentioning when it comes to listing the best hacking movies of all time.

The movie was directed by Cyril Morin and was released in the year 2015. More so, 71% of Google users recommend this hacking movie for those interested in both ethical and expert hacking.

However, the movie has low ratings on IMDb. Nonetheless, the straightforward plot thriller lasts for 1hour 30mins, and it is one of the bestselling hacking movies.

It comes with a plot about a cyber-detective who embarks on an intense but dangerous romance that didn’t end well.

Hacker 2016 – Anonymous – IMDb

The Hacker- Anonymous is quite an emotional movie. It is about a man called Callan McAuliffe, who came from a poor background but had to find ways to improve his life. However, he developed himself illegally instead of working as a White-Hat hacker.

The man was a Ukrainian who worked for an online criminal organization where he eventually launched a personal vendetta against the whole banking system after his mum lost her job.

The primary lesson in this movie is that if you decide to be a Black-hat hacker, be ready for all the consequences that come with it.

Snowden 2016 – IMDb

Snowden is a famous 2016 thriller hacking movie. Its storyline is about a man Edward Snowden who abandoned his job at the National Security Agency. He knew about some data that was compiled to track all forms of digital communication, which he eventually leaked the information.  He then becomes a hero to some, a traitor to others, and a fugitive from the law.

The movie is among the bestselling hacking movies of all time. More so, it remains among the top 5 hacking movies in 2020.

Blackhat – Hacking Film 2015 – IMDb

Blackhat is a movie that was released in the year 2015. The main actor in this thriller is Chris Hemsworth, popularly known as Thor – the God of Thunder.

The movie that brought him into the limelight and was nominated on the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor was Blackhat. More so, this movie is among the best hacking movies of all time ever made.

The only complaint about the movie is that it is 2 hours long. However, that can be justified as it has a plot that is quite long and complicated.

Its storyline starts with a Hong Kong nuclear plant that is hacked by unknown individuals, and the federal agent gave a proposal that the FBI should work with China to find the cyber-criminals.

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