123Movies makes it accessible for you to watch varied and a lot of premiers without getting into the theaters. This is the best option for the ones looking for free movie streaming.

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The website movie watcher 123freemovies is at the largest of its kind, along with increasing its popularity. 123movie is a video streaming website that permits a significant number of audiences to stream and downloads all new Bollywood, Hollywood movies, and TV series in HD quality. 

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123movies upload daily new movies, all movies are updated 1 day ago.

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We fix all issues of streaming related to buffering or bugs on websites within 24 hours.

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123movie website earns a fee once you click on our link. We never charge anything from our users.

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123Movies - Stream High Quality Movies for Free

Before beginning to use it, you should exactly know what it is. You must understand that streaming movies on 123movie old version sites are safe and legal to use it on your device or not

However, movies123 is the website that got banned in a lot of countries that include the USA and India too. Since that time, the domain 123-Movies.com is blocked, and the developers of the website have come up with several other mirror websites like 123 Movie, GoMovies, MeMovies, GoStream, 123 movies.com.

In spite of being banned in various countries, there are still several websites running with the exemption under the same name. We came to know from a report that 123-movies is getting functioned from Vietnam. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America in the year 2018, March declared that movies 123 is the most popular illegal website. 

Ever since its domain is blocked, and the website is getting run under several domains, as mentioned above. 

Although, MPAA stated that 123 movies got a global Alexa rank of 559, and it got locally ranked as 386 in the USA. So 123freemovies has 9.26 million global visitors. It is safe and secured to browse movies.

What is 123-Movies free?

Simply 123movie is a video streaming website that makes hundred of movies available right from the theatres. The site also permits streaming pirated movies on several clone websites. Nowadays, movies 123 can be accessed from one of its domain 123movies.la. 

You can easily watch all newly released movies and search its title from big blockbuster catalog movies. Apart from this, it also enables you to watch the video content from all other big streaming sites like HULU, Amazon Prime, etc. 

Moreover, movies123 free never demand you to sign up for any of its premium plans or to register on the website for streaming. All you need is to search for your favorite movies and begin watching it. 

Simply it is a great video streaming website ideal for all movie lovers. movies123 is accessible on your computer, tablets, and smartphones anytime you want. It is also available on devices like Kodu and Roku. However, you only need to be a bit careful while using this website or installing its application. 

What is 1234 movies?

1234 movies is just another replica of the newly launched movie streaming site Movies123, 1234 movies offer new and classic movies to stream in HD quality for free.

How To Watch 123 movies for Free?

The navigation of this website is quite simple. It is a mobile-friendly website so you can efficiently operate it on your mobile devices too. Moreover, the website does not even take a lot of time to launch and does not have any annoying ads. 

You can easily watch movies on the web for free. Just visit the website, and there you will find a vast collection of movies and TV series. It is one of the best sites for all the movie lovers as it gives access to a lot of other movie resources. 

To watch movies123 for free, go to any of its domain, and begin streaming. There are a lot of its domains of the same name working and offering the same features too. 

Review of 123movies.go:

123movies.go is the only different domain name for movies123. There are a lot of different domain names for movies123 because its main domain got blocked due to piracy issues. Regarding this, 123movies has several domains that makes it accessible to users. 

movies.go is the best choice for all movie watchers. It got a detailed listing of all new and old movies. Its user interface is also simple and easy to understand. All the people out there who stream videos should also consider this website to find premium content for free. 

123Movies Unblocked:

From the time its main domain got shunted, there got chances of blocking the free video streaming online. The site got completely inaccessible, and people were finding its alternatives. Soon there got good news of unblocking 123movies proxy and mirror sites for the provision of premium digital content to the people worldwide for free. 

These mirror sites clone the main website and host that similar content and database on different servers. These mirror sites also get updated frequently with all the latest movies, which makes it the best alternative for 123movies unblocked. 

The 123freemovies streaming site is easy to retreat for all web users worldwide. This is why you should never consider buying costly DVDs when you already have a fast internet connection and online streaming websites. 

It is a fact that need is the mother of invention, so blocking the 123freemovies tries switching the British citizens overriding their ISPs restricted domain. Now everyone can access 123movies from anywhere whole around the world. 

Simply get 123movies unblocked by a VPN service. You can use both the VPNs free or premium. However, VPN will slow down the downloading speed, but note that it will keep you anonymous and hide whatever you got on your browsing history from ISPs. Some people face issues like slow streaming, bad site interface, etc. it could be because of a shoddy VPN service. So in regard to this, note that you must choose the best VPN service for your device. 

All the recommended VPNs are as follows;

  • ExpressVPN:

It has more than 145 servers in 95 countries. It is supported by varied protocols that include PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols. This is 123movies-friendly VPN offering you unlimited bandwidth along with server switches that are paired with unlimited speed and three multi logins. 

  • NordVPN:

NordVPN has more than 2100 VPN servers in 56 countries. This is a high potency to accomplish the streaming requirement. It is also ideal for reaching HULU and Netflix via this streaming VPN. The best part about this is its China-friendliness. 

  • CyberGhost VPN:

CyberGhost VPN is accessible in 2100+ locations around 62 countries. It is the best serving streaming having all the best features that are OpenVPN, unlimited bandwidth, no logs policy, free trial, money-back guarantee, etc.

Now there are a lot of sites that are getting blocked. This means that your internet access is getting restricted and controlled. This is why you need to use VPN technology. Getting access to the internet without any limitation and restriction by your ISP becomes possible by a VPN technology. It will unblock the entire region only website block along with preventing ISP from tracking your online activities. 

123 movies.com Gomovies – All You Need to Know About:

For a while, 123movies got down, and for its fresh start, it got rebranded as Gomovies. With its new name and domain, there is a hope of some authority and distinction from all other clone websites. 123 movies.com is a quite popular website among its fans, and it is continually growing the way its similar sites achieving. With the consistent growth of the site, 123 movies.com begin to get attention from certain authorities concerning pirated content and a significant number of users; the website becomes unable to bear the traffic. Due to this, there got a great deal of down to the domain of 123movies. 

After some time, Gomovies became the official name for 123movies, and its domain also changed as gomovies.go. Its crucial reason was setting the website differently from such other clones and sites that also appear in the market timely, making people confused. 

Due to several fake websites, the admin rebranded the site to maintain its position. This got an official thing in the whole market as the admins of 123movies confirmed on twitter.

Almost the website gomovies is the same as 123movies besides its domain and logo. The overall structure of 123movies got shifted to gomovies. The entire functioning of the website is identical; at a time you use gomovies, you will not be able to differentiate between both. 

123Movies New Site 2020:

123movies was blocked recently because of pirated content. It was taken down by the authorities for piracy issues. As a result of this, there are some mirror websites similar to 123movies and it is an excellent choice to do unlimited streaming free of cost. These websites give the same user experience as 123movies as all these are 123movies new site, even though the library, features, and working are also the same. Getting access to the mirror website gives you the same user experience as 123movies old version. 

movies 123 new site names list included:

  • 123Movies.net:

It is one of its mirror sites actively working and giving the same functionality as 123movies.net. Consider it to stream freely. 

  • 123Movies.sc:

It is another mirror site for 123movies. It is also active and working properly by all means. 

  • 123Movies.club/

It is also a mirror website for 123movies. It is also giving the same user experience as 123movies. So use it to watch unlimited free content.

Relevant Sub Reddits of 123Movies Fans:

A popular thing Reddit is an ideal place for the fans of any certain topic for interaction and discussing the best ways to get into something. After 123movies go got shut down, many of its fans ran to Reddit to know what happened to 123movies and go movies. Yes, there are popular domains for the ones who love watching free unlimited, high-quality content. Of course, this sudden shut down make them disappointed. Actually, the websites like 123movies give their fans complete freedom to watch any of their preferred content anytime, anywhere. 

However, there are quite a few subreddits that are active for keeping its fans ready to post about the new links of website and proxy servers. After the website got down, all its fan rush towards Reddit to discuss the problem with those facing the similar problem. One of such subreddit is still active;


This is a subreddit containing some useful links for the proxy and mirror websites of 123movies and go movies. Moreover, it also got regularly updated so its users can always stay up to date with all its new links and can stream 123movies without any disturbance. 

How to Watch 123Movies in HD Resolution?

123movies is offering all the amazing content in HD resolution. Even its clone and proxy websites are also offering the material in the same quality. The whole time website was launched, and all other clone websites having access to the database of 123movies also gave the same high quality as 123movies. The new website for 123movies, gomovies is also working in the same way as 123movies. 

So, all the content available on 123movies or its clone websites are itself in HD resolution. Whenever you watch any content on 123movies or its proxy sites, so it will be available in HD resolution giving you ultimate level user experience. There is no compromise on the quality of videos being offered. The only thing you need to do is to find the best proxy or mirror website that can give you access to all the contents of 123movies. 

Such websites, like 123movies, give its users several titles and suggestions for the movies and newly released things in the whole catalog. You are not even needed to create an account to stream your favorite content. You can come up as a visitor and enjoy watching unlimited movies and TV series free of cost. You just have to click on the title supported with a reasonable internet connection. 

The library of this website is huge, making you accessible to almost all the new and old movies. 


How to watch a star is born online free?

To watch a star is born online free, simply go to top and hit the type “A star is born” and hit the search, click on play and enjoy free streaming 🙂

How to watch batman hush full movie?

To watch batman hush full movie free, simply go to top and hit the type “batman hush full movie” and hit the search, click on play and enjoy free streaming 🙂

How to watch godzilla king of the monsters full movie?

To watch godzilla king of the monsters full movie free, simply go to top and hit the type “godzilla king of the monsters full movie” and hit the search, click on play and enjoy free streaming 🙂

Wrapping up 123movies guide:

123movies is a website by which you can freely stream unlimited content. However, it is not legal because of pirated content. Even it got blocked, but now it has clone and proxy websites to solve the blockage issue. You can easily unblock it via VPN support; this will also keep you away from the eyes of ISPs. If you are also a movie lover and do not want to spend enough cash each month, then consider using123movies.