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A society can be described as a number of people living together in a somewhat organized manner. All the humans in the world are a part of society and there are many societies based on the country we live or the religion we follow and other basics of life.

A lot of things affect our prospering society, but in the fast and vast age, the most impactful is the Cinema or movie culture. As much as we want to talk about social media, the movie media takes priority. It affects our society in the short term and long term ways some of them are listed as under.

Influence on youth:

It does not matter which country or part of the world you belong to, most of the people have access to the internet thus having unlimited access to movies. Our youth is influenced largely with anything they see on TV. It has been widely observed that youth of almost every part of the world has this nagging reaction to imitate whatever they see in the movies. This can be seen through the way they have upturned their life, the small things like the way they talk, they styles they observe and the dressing sense too, but they also let this influence their life-altering decisions which might be considered bad and not so promising in the future year

History and culture:

As we are moving forward, many intellectuals are worried about the values of history and culture. It was observed that many societies as they evolve forget their roots and take turns that are dangerous, this brought a revolution in the cinematic world and thus you will notice more and more movies that touch the genre of history and culture of different cities and countries. This was a smart move as it will bring light to all the dying cultures and traditions. When most of the cultures and traditions are not pleasant it is always a good reminder for youth to be enlightened for what not to do in the future.


The cinematic universe is huge, it does not discriminate between rich or poor, it does not demand much of education either, all it requires is talent. If you have got talent it will bring you into the limelight as often as possible and hopefully you’ll go from slumdog to a millionaire. Cinema’s main source of earning is society. We as a whole go out to watch on MoviesGuide123
movies for dates, for fun and to pass time, we sometimes become hooked too and then a whole fan following is run on it. This helps the society prosper in wealth, as already mentioned above there is no distinction between rich and poor all you need is talent and for that, there are so many schools who are present to polish your skills.

Source of inspiration:

While most of the time, the older generation commonly assumes that the cinema and movies are destructive and harmful and can cause damage to youth, it can be highly helpful too. Sometimes, for people, it is difficult to orient them when someone overbears them or pressurizes them into stuff, but feeling motivated after watching art or movies which are considered as art too, is easy. Often times, people watch an inspiring movie and get motivated enough to become like them or do something good out of their life.

Power of cinema:

Most of the time there are topics that we are hesitant to talk about in person. Some people are shy and aren’t able to let their feelings hang out, so they find it easier to converse through songs, series or movies. For example, if you want to tell someone you love them and you are too afraid to say so, you can ask them to watch a movie or a number of movies based on a romance with little hints and it might work in your favor, this is one example there are a thousand like this in which you can use the help of cinematic world to express what you want.

Real face of society:

We already know that media and cinema are the most powerful aspects of a society if used correctly, this is because the cinema does not sugar coat. As bitter the truth is, it is always revealed in the movies somewhere. A number of movies are being made on the events that have occurred in real life. While some of the real-life events are bittersweet with a hint of sour, the other events occurring globally are just sour and bitter. The cinematic world has taken upon itself to show the society it’s own face. This is not an easy task to take and it can result in complete fallout and backlash but movies and creators of the movies have now understand the value of truth and how powerful it can be, thus we are watching more movies based on real life events.

These are just a pinch of the impacts that the cinematic world is making on our society. 

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