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The IMDb is an international movie database used by filmmakers to promote their movies. More so, all internet users across the world can easily access the IMDb talent and movie pages. It allows users to recommend and rate quality and exciting movies to other users on a scale of one to ten. 

IMDb uses different metrics to rank movies generally, thereby making sure that all users have access to quality. However, it does not reveal the algorithms it uses, but it ranks its films based on;  

– Number of votes

– Movie ratings

– User reviews 

Does IMDb Rating Matters?

IMDb ratings are critical as they do not just help to rank films but allows users to make decisions on whether to watch a movie or not. Users have the right to cast their votes once a movie is released.  However, users can only rate one movie at a time to keep the system fair. This means that users can’t rate a particular movie twice.

More so, users can update their ratings as often as they desire. The newest rating immediately overwrites the previous one. This is a strategy used to reduce ballot stuffing as well as maintain fairness and high quality. In a quest to allow users to have access to high-quality movies, IMDb also permits other users to rate other users’ reviews to indicate how helpful they are. It’s easily achieved by promoting users to reply with a yes or no.

How IMDb Votes Influence What Shows On the Movie Page

Even though IMDb takes into account all the number of votes cast by each user to compute a single rating, the arithmetic mean does not ultimately influence the final rating. Once the final score has been calculated, IMDb displays movie ratings which are easily found on the film page.

But this not apply to all movies. Some movies do not show any rating; rather, it displays a note which says “awaiting 5 votes”. Hence, this is a proof that IMDb does not show movies with a low number of votes. More so, IMDb treats most films with a low number of votes to have come from family and friends.

For IMDb to display any film ratings, it must have gotten up to five votes, at least. There are cases where a film got more than five votes, but IMDb will not display its rating. It can be traced as a yet to be screened or released film. Another reason could be that the film date is wrong. Hence, all the rating scheme is applied to all movie to ensure fairness.

Which IMDb Votes have weight?

In as much as IMDb relies on the number of votes cast by registered users, some votes have more weight than others. It explains the reason why there are complaints of some movies having a high number of IMDb votes, yet still ranks low. 

The reason behind this is that IMDb usually takes into account the authority of whoever voted. For instance, a vote received from a registered user who is not regular won’t have much weight. Instead, votes received from regular users who have previously voted a high number of movies have more influence. However, depending on the user’s experience, their votes can either increase or decrease a particular ranking. 

Furthermore, if a movie gets excellent ratings and a very high number of votes from regular users, the chances are high that it gets listed on the IMDb top 250 movie list. When someone searches for the movie on Google, it will easily pop-up with the number of ratings. If your film has poor ratings, most people will not be interested in watching it. But if the rating is good and it’s listed in the top 250 movies list, it will have more views, votes, and also reviews. 

Filmmakers who have these excellent ratings and make it to the top 250 movie list get to enjoy more sales even from new releases. More so, most internet users prioritize user ratings and votes to make purchases. Having a high number of IMDb ratings helps you generate more sales and helps to reduce marketing expenses, hence provides better ratings and votes from users. 

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