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Netflix company’s basic business is its subscription-based streaming service, in the past year in 2020 alone Netflix has made 20.15 billion U.S. dollars, better than all before years of Netflix as stated on Statista. Statista a statistical data company has also revealed that as the prediction of usage data of Netflix, approx 37% of the internet users use Netflix, It’s more than any other streaming service providers e.g Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube originals. 

Although, there is 1.8K users search for “Netflix for Free” per month. It’s an estimated search volume of the keyword, we got it from the tool “Ahrefs”. While finding on Google for “How to watch Netflix for Free” there was mostly crap and outdated ways of getting it worked. However, from our technical streaming experience for 4 years in this industry, we have gathered some working ways for that 1.8K needy users to get Netflix and watch their favorite movies and seasons for free of cost. 

Ways to Stream Movies on Netflix for Free

To make it clear for the innocent users of cracking the word’s best streaming site is that hacks never work for last if anyhow you got subscribed it for a lifetime using any trick, Netflix will ban you soon.

Here are the steps you have to get the Netflix for Free:

  • Go to
  • Choose a payment method and plan suites best for you
  • Enter your working email address
  • Get a strong password to protect your account
  • Finished

In that way, you will get the Netflix subscription for free. It will be expired next month, but exactly when it was about to get expired (CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION) and again implement the steps mentioned above. 

Note: Netflix Trial isn’t available in countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe. (Source Netflix Official Feb 2020)

In case, you don’t have a payment method and still, you want to watch Netflix for free without a credit card then MoviesGuide123 will recommend you to try some best alternative of Netflix that available for free without any irritating ads or Malware. 

Here it comes to the list of perfectly working 2.0 sites of Netflix. 

1. MoviesGuide123:

MoviesGuide123 is exactly a blog, we have covered everything that you will need to stream recently released movies. By visiting the MoviesGuide123, you will daily get the new working sites and their URLs updated every day. 

What things do MoviesGuide123 check before adding a new Netflix replica site on their blog?

We analyze each site on our index on VirusTotal, Google Safe Browsing Tool, Safe Ads Tester, DMCA complaints by Lumen Database. If a URL passes all that tests only then we add them on our site for the users. 

Stay tuned with our homepage, to get the links daily to your favorite movies. 

2. GoMovies:

GoMovies is a free streaming website, with more than 34,800 movies on their site (Data: Google SERP Feb 11, 2020) GoMovies is one of the leading movie streaming sites.

But I want to make sure that streaming content on GoMovies may get in serious legal problems. GoMovies is a pirated site and we never endorse anyone to stream from it. 

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