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The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the world’s most popular source of movie review, recommendation, TV, and celebrity content. With over 30 years of experience, the company stands out for its huge number of users as well as excellent credibility.

However, as informative as IMDb is, there are other movie review apps with more information and improved functionality. More importantly, some provide users with options to buy movie tickets. This improved functionality alongside more detailed information is a reason why many movie enthusiasts are seeking elsewhere for movie reviews. 

We will provide you with a list of these movie review app and a detailed review of each. Below is our list of the best IMDb alternative available today.


The Letterboxd app is an excellent alternative to the IMDb and a great pick for movie enthusiasts who want to know about any movie. More so, irrespective of the kind of films you like, the app comes with a vast movie catalogue that appeases a wide-range of preference. So, you will find the movie you want and useful information about it. 

There is a common problem on most movie review sites- inadequate reviews. However, this app curbs this problem as real users who must have already watch the movie write wholesome recommendations about the movie. 

Also, you can find reviews of short films as well as TV shows on the app. For easy navigation and selection of movies, the app features a search option that allows users to type the specific title of the movie they want to check or add a review. 


Taste mobile app provides users with a comprehensive review on movies and other useful information that will help them understand the essence of the film. The beauty of this app is that it operates in a world of its own. As a member of this platform, you will have a specialized profile. This profile grows when you rate movies, add attributes, or vote on a movie. It also features a ranking system called Karma. You earn Karma when another user likes your movie reactions. 

Taste is an ideal alternative to IMDb because of the volume of information each reviewed movie has. Namely,

  • Reviews of new film distribution
  • The background information on films and actors
  • Movie rental results
  • Interviews with movie newsmakers
  • Information on awards the movie won and awards the actors won from the movie. 
  • Other useful information like scheduled release date, trailers, frames, photographs of film festivals.

Movie Mate

Movie Mate is one of the most popular alternatives to IMDb, where you can find information and reviews on movies. It has over 1 million downloads, and it provides a quick opinion and rating about movies you will want to see. 

This app provides you with ratings each movie has on other top movie review sites like IMDb and shows a synopsis of the movie. With the app, you can add movies to your wishlist and receive email notifications when other users review it. It also allows you to create a custom list, search movies, and see top critics review. 

There is also an option to watch the movie trailer on YouTube. Expect to see movies on box office, coming-soon movies, DVD releases, and more. 

Sadly, the numerous ads are the downside to this excellent app. Removing these ads requires you to buy the Pro version for $1.66, and you’ll get showtimes as a bonus. The show time countries are limited to the US, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, UK, and Portugal.


Cinematics is another excellent pick for movie enthusiasts seeking useful information, reviews, and ratings for movies they want to see. The app, alongside its review, provides movie ratings from other top movie rating sites.

The movies on this app sorts into different categories- new DVDs, upcoming DVDs, Top Box Office, Popular, Upcoming, IMDb Top 250, Top- rated, and Top-rentals. There is also a search option for the movie title, actor, and release date.

Like the Movie Mate app, this one also allows users to set a DVD release date reminder. 

Overall, Cinematics is an excellent option for movie reviews. Its interface is easy to navigate, and the information available for movies is large. So, most users prefer Cinematics to the IMDb app because it contains more information.

AMC Theatres 

AMC theatres, as you must have guessed, the official app of the AMC movie theatres. The app provides comprehensive information on the movies you want to watch alongside an option to buy tickets to see the movie in any of their theatres near you. With this app, you can also get access to your AMC Stubs reward and make an A-List movie reservation. 

The app features movie ratings from top review sites like the rotten tomatoes ratings. You will find a brief, enticing synopsis of the movie, cast info, and other useful information. 

Meanwhile, while making reservations on any AMC theatre from the app, it allows you to see the movie format available for each theatre. There is also an option to get notifications for movies you intend to see.


Itcher works differently than the movie review apps mentioned above. The app functions as a movie suggestion app as well as a movie review app. For movie suggestions, use an emoji to describe the kind of movie you intend to watch, and the app’s artificial intelligence will suggest a good one. For better results, you can add more emoji to describe the type of movie.

As a review app, it provides detailed information ranging from a short plot, cast, duration, and user rating. More so, each movie has an Itcher emoji rating describing how you will feel after watching the movie.


Redbox offers similar information like the IMDb app alongside movie trailers. It provides movie release dates and an option to get reminders on each release. More so, the app features a search by title, genre, or release date option that allows users to find reviews and ratings on movies easily. 

Finally, like the AMC theatre, the app also provides you with the closest Redbox location, driving directions to the location and a wishlist for movies you want to see. 


IMDb is an excellent movie app, but compared to some movie review apps, its functionality, as well as information, is limited. We have provided you with IMDb alternatives that do better. So, you can choose any that matches your preference and enjoy!

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