Lockdown movies to watch

Coronavirus outbreaks impact all areas of the world. The fatal rate is rising day-by-day. In order to avoid the spread of the virus, the government has taken a range of precautions and preventive measures. Among the safeguards, the country’s lockout is observed by other countries around the world.

Most countries are adopting this lockdown in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. People are told to live in their homes and hold social distances from other men. The best way to spend this lockout is to watch the best movies on MoviesGuide123
. Here are some of the best movies you can watch during the lockdown when you get bored. 

The Godfather series

Nothing is stronger than the love caused as you kick back and enjoy any of your beloved ancient films. They remind you of happier days, you remember them line by line, and they make you happy: what better way to deal with crises? 

The Godfather is revealed completely in a locked universe. That’s why we sympathize with protagonists that are inherently bad. The tale of Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola is a genius conjuring act that allows one to understand the Mafia completely on its own terms. The tale looks at the Mafia from the ground. It is its cover, its appeal, its spell; it has dominated the popular image of the Mafia ever since.


Not only is Dunkirk amazing, since it’s creative and well made, but Nolan, who scripts and directs it all, placed too much focus in his emotional details and how much he questioned and respected his performers. It’s exceptional. Context requires a degree of forming in order to make sense of the video. But if the Dunkirk evacuation is a strong, inspiring film-making tale, it is also one that is both modest and embarrassing. It is the tale of ordinary citizens who have behaved without delay, who have united together, at considerable personal expense, to form an unstoppable whole.


Although one would recommend that you don’t watch this movie at the height of the raging pandemic hitting the planet, you can watch it if you’re a movie buff. The film has startling parallels to the lethal virus that has spread which should leave you with an unsettling feeling.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

 The pursuit of Happiness is focused on a real story, watching Chris Gardner and his young son Will and Jaden Smith, as they find a better existence and escape hardship until Gardner becomes a multi-billionaire. This is an extremely heart-warming tale that examines the glamorous issue of deprivation from the lens of someone who experiences it.

Richie Rich

The movie you’ve ever seen before is Richie Rich, but it sure is worth a rewrite. Richie is the son of a billionaire who seems as if he’s got the latest cars, the most luxurious house or as much clothing as he might like. Yet he has no friends one thing. Richie Rich must avoid falling into the wrong hands when his parents suddenly vanish. Is he actually discovered what he’s searching for with the support of a community of children by his side?

Stuart Little

A new family member will be adopted and a tiny, white mouse named Stuart will be selected. The family cat has other ideas and complots to get rid of Stuart using the local alley cats. He has loved his parents and his brother. Will Stuart avoid expulsion? He hopes it would do the trick to lavish the cat with devotion and affection.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Every film buff knows why this film is through. It puts 3 film friends, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tarantino, and Brad Pitt together. The film earned many Golden Globes and Academy Awards, but you see this film with the star cast and direction.

Ford Vs Ferarri

This racing picture is an early 1960s period, and the type of film it represents is also something retro. Driven by James Mangold, the “Ford v Ferrari” is a story of a dominance-seeking Motor City that obligates you to root up for the good guys, who are doing the bidding of rather bad guys, with impressive horsepower by double persons, Christian Bale and Matt Damon.

The Passenger

A very futuristic film, the film examines how a trip is planned to hit another world, but a person’s hypersleep pod has a failure that wakes him up. The rest of the film reveals what the passenger is doing on the spacecraft when everyone else is in hypersleep. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Patt.

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