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When you decide to venture into movies beyond Hollywood, you’ll be surprised at the number of entertaining and thought-provoking films out there. Towards the end of the 20th century, Hollywood began to adopt movies from culturally wealthy countries, amongst which was Spain. 

That move paved the way for Spanish actors such as Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, and so on to appear quite often on the big screen. More so, it provided massive attention to Spanish movies. 

From that point, Spanish movies began to range from comedies, dramas, thrillers, and so on, thereby making a vast collection of Spanish movies. For this reason, choosing the best six Spanish movies of All-time is quite difficult. Below is our list:

1. “La Mala Educación” (Bad Education)

Produced by Pedro Almodovar, the movie is said to be one of the darkest scenes as it deals with sexual abuse and pedophilia, which is said to be strongly controversial. 

The movie starred a Mexican actor called Gael García Bernal, who in the movie fell in love with his childhood friend in Catholic school decades ago, before reuniting. 

When they rekindled their relationship, their complicated past unfolds, which help to shape them. More so, the movie hides beyond the mystery of very clever and intriguing twists, delivered through top-notch performance. 

2. “El Cuerpo” (The Body)

The El Cuerpo Spanish movie features a man whose wife’s body suddenly went missing after her demise. The movie used flashbacks to bring pieces of the story together, then the bulk of the movie was followed by the police investigation in which the husband was growing as the potential prime suspect. 

Both Belen Rueda and José Coronado delivered strong performances. One performed as the intense wife while the other was the truth-seeking detective, respectively. More so, the director planted seeds that eventually grow into a satisfying conclusion.

The movie is worth watching as it comes with several twists that challenges you to figure out before the final minutes of the movie. 

3. “Crimen Ferpecto” (The Perfect Crime)

Crimen Ferpecto is a movie directed by Álex De La Iglesia. He manages to draw the audience with his likeable characters and his thriller subplot. The storyline of the movie features Miguel, who is a womanizing department store associate, and his colleague who he accidentally murdered. 

Coincidentally, Lourdes, who was an unattractive co-worker, was present at the murder scene and helped him to do away with the body. Unfortunately for him, she uses it to blackmail him into having a toxic romantic relationship with her. 

More so, the movie has some bit of comedy in it, which makes the movie interesting. The mysterious film seeks to reveal how far the charade romance can go on until Miguel loses his mind. 

4. “Celda 211” (Cell 211)

Daniel Monzon and the co-writer of this movie swept the Goya Awards with several wins in different categories. He won in categories that include the best film, breakthrough actor, director, supporting actresses, actor, and so on.  

A prison guard called Juan pretends to be an inmate, in a quest to survive in a widely-rebellion prison. He paints a picture to viewers how it can be so difficult to survive behind bars, especially if you were not supposed to be there in the first place. 

There was a rebellion masterminded by Malamadre who progressively turn political, violent, and quite personal to Jaun. The cruel setting of this prison changes even the most principled man into an evil and violent one as he has to survive.

5. “El Bola” (Pellet)

Compared to other movies on our list, El Bola is a relatively subtle and less complicated in terms of its storyline. More so, this does not hinder it from being a thought-provoking and compelling movie. Its storyline is about a relationship between two schoolboys who their families had a different way of life.

Their friendship grows quite well from childhood into a life-long bond. However, there were periods of are times, amongst which is the secret of Bolas domestic abuse. Bola (Juan José Ballesta), who was the lead actor, got a lot of praise for his performance in the movie.

That role earned him an award as the best actor in the Goya Awards, which is a Spanish equivalent for the Oscars award. More so, his counterpart Pablo Galán who played as Alfredo, was a loyal buddy to his friend and had a welcoming family.

The movie summarizes a tale, where you enjoy care from people even in your sourest moments.

6. “El Espinazo del Diablo” (The Devil’s Backbone)

The Spanish civil war is ever-present in this movie as it is the background of the story of orphan children and also adults at the school of Santa Lucia. The adults in this school have to deal with living in a war-torn and politically divided country.

While for the children who were led by rival Carlos and Jaime, must come with the supernatural presence of an ex-student who died while he was still in school. Some viewers say the movie is horror as it has few elements in it. The movie seeks to foster the mending of a community together, especially when faced with challenges such as this.

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