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We are all locked up at homes with our family and for some, this might be annoying as you all keep running into each other and butting heads for no reason, you can actually do something fun together to pass time.

Every social media app is bustling with challenges you can take up in this period, here is one for you. We are going to give you a list of movies you need to watch which are totally family-friendly. All you got to do is convince your family or at least one person from your family for eg; your mom, to watch it with you.


We are putting you up for a challenge and what’s a challenge without a little difficulty? Since classics are not everyone’s cup of tea, here is a movie Steel Mongolias, released in the year 1989 is a pure classic. The movie will help you soar through different emotions, especially including love, friendship, failure, and loss. It will help you with the emotion of empathy too. The movie is considered as American comedy which is promising to lighten your mood, all the gloomy outside will be dimmed a great deal after watching it on MoviesGuide123


As we have established the fact that this is about the family coming together then what will be better than The Farewell. The movie was released in 2019, it is based on the US raised, Chinese Born child Billi, who under the pretentious disguise of attending a wedding, visits China. But, under the lies of a cheery wedding, the whole family is really gathered for the granny, who has few to no weeks left of her life. This surely will bring tears to you and your family’s eyes but it will be a good eye-opener for everyone in the family, reminding everyone of the value and worth of each other.


Needless to state the fact that most of us who have a best friend from an other gender, we end up having feels for. This one of the movies released in the year 1997 which boldly highlighted this fact and made the female a go getter for things she believes in for example her best friend. The story starts with her getting to know shockingly that her best friend is getting married and all this strikes cords of her heart and she starts a mission of her own. It can be classified as an American Rom-Com, it will bring you fun and emotional turmoil all wrapped in one.


What’s a challenge where you do not include an action adventure specially one based on bond fiction? Here is a movie that would keep you on the edge and will leave you breathless or holding your breath at the same time. Skyfall is a James Bond fiction movie based on an Ex-Ml6 agent who steals a file with the sole purpose of delivering great deal of harm to James Bond. The past will stand in the face of the future of James Bond and it wont be pretty, but all the action in the movie will be absolutely delight to watch.


A challenge would be incomplete without a horror movie in order. To sum up your challenge for this leisure time, we want you to pull at least one person from your house to watch this movie with you in a dark room. The movie was released in the year 2010, the genre can be defined as supernatural or paranormal. When the child of the newly shifted couple falls into coma, they start noticing weird stuff happening around them. This is when they also see weird changes in their only child. This movie might snatch your sleep for a day but it is worth a watch.

Mentioned movies are tested for the fun part but most importantly they are extremely light to watch, won’t give you much or any stress and they are all family movies, you can choose to watch it with anyone from your family whether they be your mom, wife or kids. This will also be a great pass time for these hard times. Hopefully, you will enjoy.

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