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YouTube is a popular go-to site many people utilize for free videos. However, its catalog, as well as function, has Improved down the years. Specifically, YouTube currently has a paid premium version for movie streaming, similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, the movies available on YouTube Premium is explicit to its website.  

Now that you know that, you may want to try out some of these movies. Well, to do that, we have reviewed some of the best movies and series you should watch. 

We recognize that your preferences may be different, so we made our selection meet a wide range of genres. Below is our list of the best YouTube original series to watch in 2020.

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is so excited that we couldn’t help but to put it on the top of our list. More so, this movie is one of the most popular YouTube Original. Cobra Kai (YouTube, 2018) is an American comedy-drama series that reboots the 1980s-era Karate kids’ franchise. Although occurring 34 years after the first film, this movie does not tamper with the fun, storyline, nor the skills of William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) and Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso). More so, the humorous drama still has its strong emotional impact and fun-filled storytelling.

YouTube is planning on releasing season 3 this year. Well, the success of both seasons 1 and 2 is accountable for that. It is worth mentioning that if you watched the previous movies in the ’80s, you’d have a great deal of fun. However, if you did not, you may become tempted to get the previous ones. 

Rhett and Link’s Buddy System (YouTube Red, 2016) is another excellent option to consider when finding an exciting YouTube series. Well, this series is an excellent pick not only because it was the first YouTube original series but its actors. 

This American web television series features Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, who are best known for co-hosting the Good Mythical Morning on YouTube. Well, as expected, the Rhett and Link’s Buddy System became a huge success and became popular with the mainstream audience. 

The story of this series centers on the lives of Rhett, Link, and their ex-girlfriend (Leslie Bibb), who became a famous infomercial star. Leslie came back to scam them, and take control of the duo’s show- Good Mythical Morning. Link and Rhett must now work together to get back the show. 

Step Up: High Water

 From its debut in 2006, every Step up drama series had been successful. Thus, the reason why YouTube decided to join its bandwagon by releasing the YouTube original Step Up- High water. 

The Youtube series premiered in 2018, as expected, it was successful like its predecessors. The series is not so different from the preceding ones. Specifically, the story centers on twins Tal and Janelle, who, because of a family emergency, relocated from Ohio to Atlanta.  

In Atlanta, they found out that life was entirely different from what they used to know. As it happens, every move they took was a test. More so, as they navigated on and off the dancefloor, they soon discovered just how much they are willing to realize their dreams and seize the moment. 


Impulse is a YouTube Premium American science fiction drama web television series based on the novel “Impulse” by Steven Gould. The movie is a sequel to “Jumper.” It centers on a lonely, 16-year-old Henrietta Coles (played by Maddie Hasson), who, during an attempted rape on her teleports, leaving the culprit in a coma. 

Later on, Henrietta also noticed she could move objects with her mind. However, she had no control over her powers. The movie premiered in 2018 and was produced by Doug Liman, Gene Klien, and David Bartis. 

Overall, this series is an impressive piece and will trigger your emotions as you watch.

Mind Field

Mind Field is an American web television series created and presented by Michael Stevens and produced exclusively for YouTube Premium. 

The series features Steven presenting documentary-stylee episodes centered on different aspects of human behavior, specifically the brain and the influence on consciousness. Each episode of the series contains multiple experiments in which Steven or a volunteer participates and how each experiment relates to the topic of the episode.  For instance, the first experiment was to investigate the effects of solitary confinement on the brain. To perform that experiment, Steven locks himself in an empty room for three days. 

Overall, the Mind field is an awesome pick if you want to learn while having fun. The series premiered in 2017, and they are currently in the fourth season. The best part? All episodes are now free for people without premium plans, although each episode has numerous ads. 

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